Dentistry Fees Survey results – tooth whitening

tooth whitening
The average fee charged for dentist-prescribed tooth whitening services is £272

Dentistry reveals the national and regional average fees for at-home tooth whitening in the Dentistry Fees Survey.

At the end of 2015, Dentistry, in association with Practice Plan, surveyed the nation’s dental care professionals to gain insights into similarities and differences in dental procedure fees across the country.

So far in this year’s Dentistry Fees Survey, we have shared with you insightful national and regional dentistry fees data amongst our responders, including:

Tooth whitening

Now Dentistry brings you brand new data from our survey, revealing the average national and regional rates charged for at-home tooth whitening services – including impression trays and at-home whitening gel.


Our survey found that amongst responders across England, Wales and Scotland, the average fee charged for dentist-prescribed tooth whitening services is £272 (no data for Northern Ireland was available).

Amongst regions, London and south east England offers the most expensive treatments on average, at £333 – 22% higher than the national average.

Meanwhile, the least expensive tooth whitening treatments can be found in north west England, coming in at £230 – 15% below the national average. Wales was close behind at £231, also 15% below the national rate.

The region most closely aligned with the national average was the west Midlands, where on average, tooth whitening is charged at £277, representing just 2% higher than the national average rate of £272.

Dental professionals only

It is important to remind patients that tooth whitening can only be performed by a GDC-registered dental care professional under the prescription of a dentist – tooth whitening performed by beauty professionals or non-GDC -registered dental professionals is illegal and could put patients’ oral health at risk.

Our data clearly demonstrate variances in at-home tooth whitening services for private practices from region to region. These data provide a useful tool for practices when considering private fee setting – allowing you the opportunity to compare your fee rates with those in your region, and thereby remaining competitively priced to meet patient needs.

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