Dentistry Top 50 – last chance to vote

Dentistry Top 50
This is your last chance to vote for the Dentistry Top 50. Make sure you cast your votes

The Dentistry Top 50 deadline has been extended.

Due to unprecedented demand we have decided to extend the deadline to give you time to get your vote in for the Dentistry Top 50. It is a great chance to make sure the person you feel is the most influential in UK dentistry gets the recognition they deserve.

The new deadline to get your vote in is 11 April 2016, which means this is your last chance to make your vote count.

There is a list of people to choose from, but this is just to get your juices flowing. Get voting for whomever you feel is most influential in dentistry by visiting to vote.

This is your last chance to have your say.

Lifetime Contribution Award

The Lifetime Contribution Award deadline has also been extended to the same date. The Lifetime Contribution Award allows you to give some recognition to the person you feel has made the most significant contribution to UK dentistry throughout their lifetime.

It has now been running for three years and proudly boasts Per-Ingvar Bränemark as 2015’s winner.

A list has been provided for you to choose from below.

Have a look through the names and vote for the person you feel deserves the Lifetime Contribution Award.

This is a sideline to our annual Dentistry Top 50 poll, and is separate to the main event.

The name of the person who receives the most votes will be revealed at the same time as our Top 50 list.

Vote for who you believe deserves the Lifetime Contribution Award by visiting

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