Only 27% of people use sugar-free gum as part of their oral health regime

sugar-free gum
More than half of people don’t realise the benefits chewing sugar-free gum could offer their oral health

Most people in the UK don’t regularly chew sugar-free gum as part of their oral healthcare routine.

Mydentist asked 750 UK residents ‘Do you chew sugar-free gum on a regular basis?’ and found that 73% of respondents didn’t use sugar-free gum as part of their oral health regime.

The dental treatment provider also found that 59% of people don’t know about the oral health benefits sugar-free gum can offer.

‘While it won’t reverse long-term damage to your teeth, we do know that chewing sugar-free gum can benefit your teeth and gums,’ Barry Cockcroft, non-executive director at Mydentist and former chief dental officer for England, said.

‘The increased saliva flow is enormously advantageous, helping with everything from reducing the risk of cavities to bad breath.

‘However, chewing sugar-free gum should not be used as a replacement to other aspects of dental care such as brushing at least twice a day with a good quality toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

‘Nor should it replace your regular trips to the dentist to ensure that any potential issues are dealt with before they become serious.’

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