Deliver six hours of fresh breath

tonguecare+ imageryA published clinical investigation shows an oral malodour reduction by using a sonic tongue brush combined with an antimicrobial tongue spray.

Research scientist Dr Paola Gomez-Pereira and her colleagues who work at Philips Research in Cambridge recently published a clinical trial article in the Journal of Breath Research that reviewed the effectiveness of a new sonic powered tongue brush and antibacterial spray combination, Sonicare Tonguecare+ .

The results of this clinical investigation demonstrated the combined use of the Sonicare power toothbrush with Tonguecare+ tongue brush and Breathrx tongue spray- helps deliver more than six  hours of fresh breath following a single use. This approach reduced the organoleptic score and bacterial density significantly more than all alternative treatments.

Each trial participant was given a Sonicare sonic toothbrush handle and a Sonicare Tonguecare+ consisting of a brush head Breathrx tongue spray. With 240 rubber Microbristles, the Tonguecare+ soft silicone tongue brush head is specifically designed to penetrate in between the tongue papillae and provide thorough mechanical biofilm removal.

It was observed that standard chemical and mechanical methods fail to deliver a full day of fresh breath; mouth rinses mask the volatile sulphur compounds but have little effect on the tongue bacterial density, while tongue scrapers and brushes only remove limited bacterial biofilms from the tongue complex surface.

The special combination of ingredients in the Breathrx tongue spray is clinically proven to tackle breath odour and neutralise odours instantly. The special thick formula containing 0.09% cetylpyridinium chloride and 0.7% zinc gluconate coats the tongue and keeps it lubricated for a gentle cleaning experience. References are available.

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