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Untitled-1Select Villages presents a unique opportunity to buy a distinct part of a four-star luxurious holiday cottage, serviced by central leisure facilities, based in areas of outstanding natural beauty in the UK.

The Select Villages model has developed the idyllic notion of an English family holiday in a traditional yet exciting, luxurious and warm environment.

Operating in this niche hospitality industry has allowed Select Villages to offer high returns on Select ownership.

Existing villages have seen unparalleled occupancy levels, validating the notion of a healthy return on the Select ownership investment to the shareholders.

Select ownership models are based on a limited company (special purpose vehicle ‘SPV’) owning the holiday home with a 195-year lease.

The Select owner is offered up to 49% of preferential shareholding in the SPV whilst Select Villages retains 51% shareholding.

The property remains unencumbered and the priority of the Select owner for the purchase price and the net agreed returns is enshrined in extensive legal documents.

Minimum term of ownership is two years.

Benefits of Select ownership in a four-star holiday cottage

  1. Fixed returns range from 9.6 to 12% per annum
  2. Fixed returns with no hidden costs usually associated with property ownership
  3. Select Villages will fully manage at no cost to the Select owner
  4. Family holiday use worth 3% per annum
  5. Multiple entry levels: starting from around £30,000 (ie 10%) up to £147,000 (ie 49%)
  6. All monies held in Escrow Account by company solicitors and released at agreed stages retrospectively on new builds
  7. Select owners’ property remains a non-leveraged asset
  8. Asset values referenced by independent valuers
  9. Extensive legal agreements prioritising the Select owner
  10. Independent legal advice available from a panel of leading firms of solicitors.

If you are interested, call 0207 123 4599 or visit

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