Help patients stay on track with the new Invisalign app

Invisalign-app-newAlign Technology, makers of the clear aligner teeth straightening system has launched an app that is available for free to download from today. The app is called My Invisalign Smile and works as a companion to support anyone undergoing Invisalign teeth straightening. It features a number of functions that make keeping track of their orthodontic treatment easier as well as interesting and fun. My Invisalign Smile is free to download from the Apple App Store and is currently available for the i-phone. An android version will be available from Google Play in the next few weeks.

Built-in guide and image gallery

Invisalign aligners are changed in two weekly intervals and the app’s image function includes a built-in guide to allow users to capture consistently positioned camera shots of their face, their smile and their teeth as they transition towards their final, corrected position. These shots build up into a gallery to allow the person undergoing treatment to compare their changing teeth, side-by-side to see exactly how their new smile is taking shape.

It is also possible to create powerful time-lapse videos which display the user’s teeth transformation story as it unfolds, capturing and demonstrating just how far they have progressed as their dentition moves incrementally over the weeks.

Dental professionals often mention the palpable excitement of the person as their smile is transformed. Another function of the app captures this sense of growing anticipation by allowing users to share images and videos of their transitioning appearance with friends and family and on social media.

The app also provides those in treatment with regular tailored support, advice and reminders (including prompts to change their aligners every two weeks or attend their next dental appointment) synchronised with their individual treatment plan, so that they stay on the right track throughout their treatment.

How the Invisalign system works

Unlike fixed orthodontic treatments where metal or ceramic brackets are cemented to the surface of the teeth and wires run between them, the Invisalign system works by repositioning teeth discretely, little by little, using a series of custom-made transparent plastic ‘aligners’ which are to teeth what contact lenses are to the eyes – corrective yet imperceptible. Align Technology’s clear aligner teeth straightening system has treated more than three million patients worldwide. Visit for more information. 

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