A course not to be missed

3 day course 2.003A fantastic opportunity to take your dentistry to the next level with one of the ‘masters’ in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, Dr Tidu Mankoo.

The next restorative and aesthetic dentistry year course starts in Windsor in March 2016.


‘This comprehensive restorative course given by Tidu Mankoo is a fantastic course geared to giving practical steps to improve how we work in our own practice. It is given by a man who is not only an internationally renowned speaker, but who like us, works in private practice and knows what we have to face daily. The teaching is all evidence-based, backed up with a comprehensive and relevant literature reading list’ – Dr Peter Hughes

Held on 12 Fridays starting in March 2016 at The Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry, this modular dental course will detail the current concepts in inter-disciplinary aesthetic and restorative dentistry.

Dr Tidu Mankoo
Dr Tidu Mankoo

Illustrated by dentistry of exceptional quality, participants have the opportunity to learn from a renowned international speaker/educator and clinician of outstanding expertise and experience.

The course is suited to dentists of all levels of experience, as past participants have ranged from young dentists to well-experienced and qualified practitioners.

Tidu’s aim is to inspire the course participants to strive for excellence throughout their practice of dentistry and there is a particular focus throughout the course on treatment planning and effective case management.

‘Tidu’s focus on excellence and perfection permeates the mind and has taken my dentistry to the next level. It’s made me even happier at work, reduced the stress levels and the patient’s are noticing and enjoying the results. Tidu’s endless stream of advice from his vast experience are backed up by beautiful slides of his work, live patient demos and evidence from the literature. This ultimately gives the knowledge necessary to confidently deliver predictable results for the patients. I would highly recommend this course to any dentist wanting to improve.’ – Dr Lucy Stock

Book now at www.advanceddentistry.co.uk/info-for-dentists/advanced-dentistry-courses/windsor-year-dental-course.

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