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Colgate-Total-original-care-ProClinical-2016Colgate, a global specialist in oral care and your partner in oral health, is sharing knowledge and experience through a series of complimentary educational webinars for UK dental professionals.

Colgate’s series of webinars provide UK dental professionals the opportunity to learn from experts, authors and educators in oral health.

Each webinar will provide insights, ideas and an informative look into a range of subjects to enhance your clinical practice.

The latest live webinar from Colgate entitled ‘Partners in Protection’ had over 1,600 UK dental professionals pre-registered to hear from Dr Fotinos Panagakos; Colgate’s global director for scientific affairs.

Focusing on strategies to reduce and manage the bacterial challenge, Dr Panagakos discusses the importance the whole mouth plays in terms of oral and overall health, introducing the ongoing use of Colgate Total toothpaste and Colgate Proclinical electric toothbrush, as partners in protection.

The webinar helps you to understand the Cochrane Review guidelines in whole-mouth protection against dental plaque with Colgate Total toothpaste.

Colgate Total toothpaste reduces plaque bacteria as it contains effective antibacterial ingredient Triclosan.

Colgate Total’s sustained release technology also helps to control plaque regrowth for 12 hours.1

The webinar also covers the Colgate Proclinical electric toothbrush and improving patient outcomes by optimising plaque removal.

The Colgate Proclinical electric toothbrush provides superior plaque removal2 and healthier teeth and gums for all your patients.

If you were unable to join this latest webinar live, you can still view this online to see how you can help improve the oral health of your patients.

Visit the ‘Partners in Protection’ webinar on and recommend Colgate Total toothpaste and Colgate Proclinical electric toothbrush together, to deliver a whole mouth clean.


Fine DH, Sreenivasan PK, McKiernan M, et al (2012) J Clin Periodontol 39: 1056-1064

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