Watch new digital Discovery series on science in oral health

Sensodyne-logo-and-Discovery-channel-logo-4Sensodyne and Discovery Network have collaborated to develop a global digital content series called Future-now to explore the world of science in oral health. This partnership is set to raise awareness of the role of science in oral care and how technology can promise a bright future for patients.

Four-part series

The Future-now four-part series of short documentaries explores how technology and science are impacting on healthcare, particularly oral health. The thought provoking content is available to view now at

Topics in the series include repairing the human body and the role of bioglass technologies, how the technology developed for space exploration is giving insight into the oral environment and how modern lifestyles are impacting on our bodies.

The series takes viewers back in time, considering current challenges and looks at how technology could help offer patients a brighter future.

Sensodyne is manufactured by GSK Consumer Healthcare. Visit here for more information.

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