Transforming aesthetic preparations

Figure 1: The Transform tray
Figure 1: The Transform tray

Dr Adam Glassford explains how his impression taking has been ‘transformed’.

My clinical practice focuses on implant and aesthetic dentistry and therefore taking accurate impressions forms a significant part of my treatment planning and preparation.

Choosing the correct impression material and becoming skilled in the use of these materials comes from experience, yet this is only part of the challenge.

An important part of accurate preparation is finding a good quality impression tray that accurately fits the oral cavity.

Often we take a stock tray and then have to follow this with a special tray.

This process can be time consuming, costly and as we know, a little uncomfortable for the patient.

A new solution

Figure 2: After moulding in the patient’s mouth
Figure 2: After moulding in the patient’s mouth

I have used Transform impression trays for numerous aesthetic and restorative cases and particularly like their ability to be custom moulded to fit awkward arch forms.

The Transform trays have excellent anatomical shape and can be remoulded if necessary to fit a more complex-shaped oral cavity.

The moulding process is very simple and just requires a hot water bath or dry air heater.

Once moulded the Transform trays remain extremely rigid and resist any distortion, and the finger rest is useful to equilibrate pressure.

Figure 3: The resulting impression
Figure 3: The resulting impression

I have used them in preparation for restoring many of my implant cases and in a number of instances they negate the need for a special tray.

To date I have not had any issues of distortion or problems with restoration fit at all.

I would strongly recommend colleagues to try this innovative product!

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