Record and track everything you need to run your dental practice

Chiral Systems introduces its Chiral software, to give you everything you need to run your practice at your fingertips.

Chiral Systems is your must-have, all-in-one centralised platform where you can record and track everything you need to run your dental practice; from basic diary and patient information management, to business management and compliance tools.

Simple, agile and intuitive, the Chiral software runs natively both on Mac and Windows computers.

Supported by a hands-on team, committed to helping you work the system to its full potential, Chiral is the framework for the next generation of clinical entrepreneurs, who are mobile, tech savvy and in search of a system that delivers on both aspiration and function.

Mobility and consent

Chiral Systems offers secure mobile applications, allowing you to view your patient notes, treatment history, images and you can even chart on a tablet. Forms can also be signed electronically, meaning that time in the waiting room is utilised, paper is saved, and compliance is painless.

The application corresponds seamlessly with Chiral in your practice; patient information and signatures entered into the application are saved into the patient’s records and are easily auditable.

Clinical charting

Unlike other systems, Chiral Systems shows you both the root and tooth view, enabling for base, treatment and perio charting.

Charting is also available on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet, allowing for quick and accurate notes to be taken in your own handwriting. This is an excellent integration option for specialist dentists who offer peripatetic services, or for dentists who operate in multiple locations.


Chiral Systems provides a direct link to X-Ray imaging software.

Both images and documents alike can be scanned into the system and then stored within the patient’s records, where they are easily accessible.

Email integration

The email integration is a very powerful way of centralising all patient communication and interaction. You can now track and record every patient email, referrer email and lab technician email directly in Chiral, without having to learn to use a new email application, as our system employs familiar methods. This way your important patient information, vital for treatment planning, is safe, and won’t be lost or neglected.

Online booking

Chiral now offers a further level of integration with the introduction of an online booking system, which is accessible as a portal via your practice website. The appointments booked online are automatically and instantly updated in the practice diary, with no user intervention.

VoIP integration

VoIP technology enables you to monitor patient enquiry conversion, while minimising costs using Chiral’s new telephony integration package.

SMS integration

Chiral have developed its own SMS gateway, offering low-cost fixed-rate SMS packages tailored to the practice needs

Paperless, secure, effortless

Our system saves you time by streamlining your business administration.

We take security threats very seriously and have ensured that all the data is encrypted and stored on a client server within the practice, with no other programs and information running on it, making it a safer solution than the desktop systems.

Mimics your workflow

From design point Chiral Systems accounts for the way each individual within your practice works, creating an effective workflow, thus minimising chance of error. The system is simple and intuitive – working just the way you do.

Chiral is a dynamic and progressive system, constantly adapting to new technologies while delivering upgrades, maintenance and backup remotely and securely, with no time wasted at the user end.

Chiral will save you time, money and maximise your efficiency.

For more information please visit, email [email protected] or call 020 7099 9126.

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