The why and how of restorative dentistry

KH_071UCL Eastman Dental Institute introduces some of the courses it will be running over the next few months.

In the current dentistry climate it can be difficult to find motivation for professional development, as everything from heavy workloads to extensive regulations and increasing expenses can seem to hamper progression. What many dentists require is the opportunity to extend and hone their skills in areas that will have tangible career benefits, while still working in practice.

Restorative dentistry is a broad field, comprising prosthodontics, endodontics, aesthetics, and implant dentistry, and as such further study in this area is a valuable use of time for dentists who wish to expand both their skill set and their career options.

At UCL Eastman Dental Institute, there are many restorative dentistry programmes – both degree-based and short courses – which will allow you to develop these crucial skills while continuing to work in practice.

Restorative dentistry practice MSc

This is a part-time and flexible degree programme, allowing you to exit after one, three or four years with a PG certificate, PG diploma or MSc in restorative dental practice.

During your time at UCL Eastman Dental Institute, you will learn to assess, plan and provide quality restorative treatment at an advanced level. Through small-group teaching with a strong emphasis on practical skills you will form a sound foundation for the restoration or rehabilitation of a compromised dentition in practice.

Apply by 16 October 2015 to begin in January 2016. See for more information.

Restorative dentistry short courses

A number of our short courses are either based on or include elements of restorative dentistry, allowing you to develop your restorative skills and earn verifiable CPD hours without committing to a full degree.

Restorative dentistry: plan, prep and provisionalise: on 23 November 2015, we have a one-day course designed to strengthen skills and confidence in the design and execution of indirect restorations, optimising restorative techniques to get better results in everyday clinical practice.

Dental microscopy: restorative dentistry: on 27 November, there will be a one-day course allowing dentists new to microscopy to experience the revelation for the first time. Experienced users can learn to improve ergonomics and efficiency, visualise the more difficult areas of the mouth, and improve patient communication.

Aesthetic dentistry: aesthetic restorative procedures: on 10 November, a five-day aesthetics course will commence and will continue over five months. This course will cover popular topics in aesthetic restorative dentistry and will include hands-on elements every day.

Sports dentistry: on 12 November, we have a 12-day course that deals with the specific challenges of dental sports injuries. This course focuses on the prevention of problems, oral health and performance, and the role that the dental team can play with local sports clubs. It is delivered through didactic teaching and hands-on practical exercises.

Upcoming in 2016

In 2016 we will run our popular Removable prosthodontics complete and partial dentures course as well as Restorative dental practice for dental nurses.

For more information or to register your interest please contact Alison at [email protected]

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