Make sure you are contacting the right equipment company

shutterstock_304829669Hague Dental explains why you need to be careful who you pick to equip your dental surgery.

Most dentists will probably only set up a surgery three times in their working life so it is vital that they draw support from an equipment supplier who can help facilitate the whole project from start to finish.

It is rare to find an equipment company that can arrange the whole job. Many companies suggest the dentist uses their own builder. This can lead to misunderstandings when dental services are being plumbed into the surgery.

A unique team

We at Hague work with builders who understand the necessary pipe work and current dental legislation. Our unique team of project specialists are on hand to make sure service diagrams are adhered to and the final measurements, that are so important for surgery ergonomics, do not get changed

We at Hague also have flooring contractors who also work almost exclusively on dental surgery flooring and reception areas. A good schedule drawn up by one of our project specialists can be forwarded to all trades involved so no confusion arises from the project and everyone knows their role and the timings of their role.

Our installation teams are very experienced and are all trained by the leading dental equipment manufacturers in both install and servicing.

Further training

Most people believe that the install is the end of the project but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Any equipment installation should have a full handover and staff training session so that long term usage is trouble free and some weeks after the project, follow up training should be scheduled to iron out any teething problems.

It is vital that after installation the equipment dealer offers annual servicing to prevent downtime and costly service bills.

So please be aware that when you are assessing the right equipment company if they struggle to meet the full turnkey remit this could lead to confusion and possible hold ups to the project.

If you have an exciting project you are planning please feel free to contact us at Hague Dental where you will always find a professional approach to your needs.

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