Could you go sugar-free for a month?

Denplan has launched its sugar-free campaign for September to highlight the impact sugar has on our oral health

Denplan has launched its campaign encouraging people to go sugar-free for the month of September.

After its latest survey asked more than 2,000 adults questions about sugar, Denplan claims it found Britain needed better sugar education.

The results of the survey showed 21% of people didn’t believe chocolate contained sugar, 22% thought biscuits were sugar-free and 47% believed neither wine or beer contained any sugar, other food and drinks respondents believed to be free of sugar included:

  • Fruit juice (38%)
  • Sweets (20%)
  • Hot chocolate (30%)
  • Fruit (40%)
  • Spirits (58%)
  • Fizzy drinks (20%)
  • Sports drinks (26%)
  • Energy drinks (28%).

‘With sugar “hidden” in so many unexpected foods and drinks, managing our daily sugar consumption can be a challenge,’ Henry Clover, deputy chief dental officer at Denplan, said.

‘Not only is this detrimental for the nation’s general health, it can also significantly affect our oral health because the frequency at which we consume sugar is a huge factor in tooth decay.

‘However, there are so many simple changes people can make on a daily basis to cut back on unwanted sugar and still enjoy a healthy and tasty diet, leaving them with healthy habits that their teeth will thank them for.’

Sugar-free September

Worried about the lack of knowledge surrounding sugar consumption, Denplan has urged people to go sugar-free this September.

Denplan has launched its website,, which aims to give patients information on hidden sugars in our foods and reveal some of the health risks associated with sugar consumption.

Although a range of diets have advocated a low or no-sugar approach, in reality, less than half of the respondents to Denplan’s survey had tried to quit sugar, with less than 10% having successfully done so for more than a year, and a quarter lasting less than a month.

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