Mydentist launches new training initiative

Mydentist launches its My Time to Shine initiative

Mydentist has announced the launch of its new training initiative called ‘My Time to Shine’.

The scheme is designed to improve Mydentist’s customer experience, by training dentists in soft skills, such as building rapport with patients.

Workshops will be run by area development managers to show teams how to be warm, welcoming and reassuring.

‘We also wanted to launch our “My Time to Shine” programme to ensure that we always help our customers to the best of our abilities,’ Mark Jones, academy manager, said.

‘People going to the dentist may be in pain, nervous or think they are going to be judged.

‘The way we explain what’s going to happen affects how they feel about the experience.

‘We want them to feel they’re there for positive reasons like looking after their oral health.

‘It’s about helping customers to see us differently and enjoy going to the dentist.’ 

Training programmes

Mydentist has also launched several other internal training programmes for area development managers and practice managers.

Employees will be offered the chance to take part in a workshop to assess any development needs so an individual training course can be put together.

Elsewhere, Mydentist has pledged to donate £50 to Bridge2aid every time it hires a referred employee.

This new scheme has come about to reinforce the three-year relationship between Mydentist and Bridge2aid, after Mydentist sponsored the training of dental workers in Africa and sent some of its own dentists out to Africa too.

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