IDH has rebranded as Mydentist

IDH has rebranded as Mydentist

Integrated Dental Holdings, one of the largest dental corporates in Europe, has officially rebranded itself as Mydentist.

More than 204 practices around the UK have already been rebranded and another 500 practices are due to be rebranded this year.

‘The new brand is about more than a name, it’s about what we do every day in bringing the brand to life, demonstrating our values and our personality through our people,’ Annette Spindler, chief operating officer at Mydentist, said.

‘Mydentist has been built on our brand values of being trusted, honest, warm and welcoming, understanding, loyal and innovative.

‘We want to use these values to set new standards in the dental industry and deliver an excellent experience to our customers.

‘In the past five years, we’ve grown from 285 practices to 655.

‘And since May 2013 over 6,600 clinicians, nurses and staff have attended training sessions organised by our dental academy.

‘We’re committed to delivering world-class service to our patients and world-class training to our people.’

The new Mydentist website is accessible at

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