Xylitol: Finland’s secret to healthier teeth

A new TV programme will look at how xylitol is helping improve Finland’s oral health

Xylitol is set to become the star of a new Channel 4 TV series called Superfoods this Monday (29 June).

Presenter Kate Quilton travels to Finland where gum and mints made of xylitol are a staple part of the Finnish diet and even 90% of primary schools give xylitol sweets to pupils on a daily basis, and she explores the science behind how xylitol works to reduce plaque and keep teeth healthy.

‘In Finland they’ve been eating xylitol gum and mints for decades to keep their teeth healthy,’ Dan Shrimpton, co-founder of Peppersmith, said.

‘In the UK, we’re miles behind with people still scoffing mints and not thinking about the damage done by all that sugar.

‘We really hope this programme helps wake people up to the fact that there’s an alternative to sugar that actually improves the health of their teeth.’

A recent Gorkana survey on behalf of Peppersmith revealed two-thirds of UK consumers had never heard of xylitol.

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