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handpiecesHandpieces from China are products that get a lot of adverse publicity, there are handpieces sold on Ebay that, despite being very tempting due to the cost savings, are not manufactured to the correct standards.

Making sure the handpieces have a valid CE certificate is also important. If they are packed and labelled up correctly they should display details of the CE ID number. This is four digits after the CE and these numbers indicate which agency has issued the CE.

As these goods are manufactured outside the EU they should have details of the EC representative. The problem for dentists is there are a lot of representatives to check.

If the handpiece does not comply, then unknowingly a dentist can be risking patient safety and so much more as dental indemnity will not cover cases due to non-compliant handpieces.

Safe ways to save

With so much to worry about, why take the chance? There are safer ways to save on handpieces.

F2 Medical Supplies carries a range of Chinese handpieces starting from only £30.00, so they are certainly great value.

All handpieces are CE marked and have been verified to ensure they comply to all EU standards, so they can be used without fear.

The advantages of buying from a UK supplier is that the handpieces are covered for up to a year and the savings mean it is more cost effective than repairing your old handpieces.

F2 Medical Supplies carries a range that are compatible with Kavo and NSK couplings, so they can be integrated into the surgery with minimal fuss.

Not all Chinese made products are to be feared, just don’t prejudice yourself out of a bargain, make sure you buy from a reputable supplier.

For more information please visit www.f2medicalsupplies.com.

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