Feline alright

Rich Willis repairs Harvey the cat’s jaw

Not many cats are regular visitors to the dentist, but Harvey, from Crewe, is proving an exception to the rule.

Harvey is often getting into scrapes according to owners the Scott family, however, recently Harvey was in a bad way after being involved in a collision with a car, when he was taken to local vets, LBVC.

Harvey had suffered a very nasty fracture to his lower jaw in such a way that reconstruction was not possible, it had fractured in multiple places, the jaw needed to be immobilised so that the pieces had a chance to fuse back together and ‘fix themselves’.

It was an unusual situation and not one that I had come across before’, commented veterinary surgeon, Tom Leonard.

‘We are used to thinking “outside the box” and after taking advice from a veterinary dental specialist, it was deemed necessary to use acrylic to stick Harvey’s upper and lower canine teeth together for six weeks. But where would we get it from?”

A helping hand

LBVC approached The Old Surgery Dental Practice – also in Crewe, to see if they could supply the acrylic composite material to help Harvey.

Without hesitation, partner and dentist, Richard Willis offered to come in on his day off and perform the procedure for free.

Richard was assisted by Rebecca and alongside vet Ingrid Segboer, Harvey’s jaw was stabilised and joined together with acrylic composite material.

‘I am used to working on canines rather than felines – but in people’s mouths,’ joked Rich Willis, dentist and partner at The Old Surgery Dental Practice.

‘Harvey looked so helpless and I am just happy to have been able to help.’

Harvey is now back at home recovering and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for the swift healing of his jaw.

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