Realistic resins in practice: anterior

shutterstock_116962360Renamel microfill is the material used in over 70% of AACD accreditation cases, join Dr Dipesh Parmar on the 20 June 2015 at Birmingham Dental School to find out more about Renamel.

Todays composite resin materials have the ability to achieve many restorative objectives, which in the past could only be attainable with ceramics.

Direct resin bonding is a minimally invasive way of providing beautiful restorations, enabling chairside control of colour and morphology.

The aim of the lecture is to ultimately demonstrate how to reproduce natural anterior dental structures with a man-made material.

  • Case assessment and treatment planning
  • Analysis and simulation of dental optical properties
  • Calculated and systematic shade taking processes
  • Effective and rapid isolation in the anterior dentition
  • Predictable reproduction of lingual and incisal edge form
  • Composite stratification protocols to create anterior masterpieces
  • When, where and why to use opaquers
  • Finishing and polishing protocols to emulate natural tooth structure.

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