PS Pix digital scanner

Introducing the first personal imaging plate scanner in the dental market, the exciting new PS Pix 2.

Offering the ultimate in quality, flexibility and protection, this intuitive plate scanner combines sophisticated technology with a simple and efficient workflow.

As the smallest scanner in the market with a futurist yet elegant design, the PS Pix can be located anywhere in the surgery for your personal convenience.

All you have to do is select your workstation on the touch screen, insert your imaging plate and the digital image is ready in a matter of seconds for fast and accurate diagnostic processes.

All plates are automatically erased and ejected ready for immediate reuse.

Ensuring uniquely high levels of safety, hygiene at the core of each operating step of the scanner.

Hygiene bags and covers minimise the risk of cross-contamination and the PS Pix has removable parts, which comply with thermal washer-disinfectors and the latest disinfection standards.

So, for an affordable personal plate imaging system that delivers outstanding quality in a fast and efficient way, look no further than the cutting-edge PS Pix.

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