Desmond D’Mello case: patients tested positive for hepatitis C

Desmond D'Mello
Desmond D’Mello case: patients tested positive for hepatitis C

Five people treated by Dr Desmond D’Mello have been tested positive for hepatitis C.

Hygiene concerns came to light when a whistleblower secretly filmed Mr D’Mello before contacting health authorities, causing around 22,000 patients to be recalled to take tests for blood borne viruses.

‘Now that this patient screening exercise is complete, we will be focusing our efforts on what we can learn from this incident and ensuring all our findings are shared with the General Dental Council to inform its ongoing investigation into Mr D’Mello,’ Dr Doug Black, medical director for NHS England in Nottinghamshire, told the BBC.

Overall 4,526 people have been tested by the NHS, and five have been newly-diagnosed with hepatitis C.

Dr Desmond D’Mello is alleged to have ‘failed to wash his hands and used the same instruments for more than one patient without sterilising them between appointments.’

Dr Doug Black told the BBC that treatment is available for hepatitis C.

Chair of the BDA’s General Dental Practice Committee, Dr John Milne, said when the news was first announced: ‘There is absolutely no excuse for putting patients at risk.

‘We champion the highest standards in dentistry, and rigorous infection control procedures need to be at the heart of any practice, large or small.’

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