More people being seen under the NHS

NHSA total of 30 million patients were seen in the 24-month period ending 31 December, 2014, which is an increase of 1.9 million on March 2006, when the new contract started.

Expressed as a percentage of the population, this represents a small increase of 0.1% (55.7%) from the 2006 figure.

Although the number of children seen is 2.0% above the March 2006 figure of 7.8 million, the percentage of the child population seen (69.1%) is below that of 2006 (70.2%).

There were an estimated 10 million courses of treatments carried out in July/Sept quarter of 2014, an increase of 0.3% on the same quarter of the previous year.

Band 1 and urgent showed an increase in numbers of treatments, but there was a decrease for bands 2 and 3 in the period.

The report was issued by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) on 12 February, 2014.

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