The Dentistry Top 50

Dentistry Top 50The time has come again for you to vote for who you feel is most influential in Dentistry magazine’s Dentistry Top 50.

It’s that time of year again to start sending in your votes to make sure those in dentistry get the recognition they deserve from their peers.

This is the 10th year of the prestigious Dentistry Top 50 where the readers of Dentistry and visitors to are invited to vote for the people in the UK dental profession who they feel are the most influential.

We would like you to pick your top five most influential dental professionals over the past year.

You can vote for your boss, a valued team member, respected academics, prominent association leaders, important political figures, astute media analysts, it’s entirely up to you.

Once all the votes are in, we’ll count them up and then reveal in Dentistry magazine the 50 people who received the most nominations.

Last year, the minister responsible for dentistry, Earl Howe, topped your polls.

Earl Howe had recently been appointed as a privy counsellor and last year announced that the prototype contracts were to start in early 2015, saying they would be ‘evolutionary not revolutionary’.

Will Earl Howe hold onto the crown for another year? Will it be someone else? Could this year see the first female at the number one spot?

The power’s in your hands

As in previous years, we have provided a list of suggested names you may wish to consider when deciding who gets your vote.

This is just to get your imagination going – as always, this poll is about voting for those who inspire you, whether they’re on the list or not.

Over the last year there have been numerous events that have caught the dental industry’s attention, including the British Dental Association vs General Dental Council judicial review, the launch of the new prototype contracts, the announcement of Barry Cockcroft, the chief dental officer’s retirement, Sir Paul Beresford’s constant battle to extend the HPV vaccination to both boys and girls and plenty of other breaking dental news.

This poll is open to all readers of Dentistry magazine and users of

You can vote by filling in the form found at

The deadline for all votes is Tuesday 31 March 2015.

No votes received after this date, either postal or online, will be counted.

Lifetime Contribution Award

The Lifetime Contribution Award has now been running for three years and proudly boasts Edward Lynch as 2014’s winner.

Edward is highly sought after as a lecturer at prestigious world courses and he won numerous lifetime awards during 2013.

The Lifetime Contribution Award allows you to give some recognition to the person you feel has made the most significant contribution to UK dentistry throughout their lifetime.

A list has been provided for you to choose from.

Have a look through the names and vote for the person you feel deserves the Lifetime Contribution award.

Who will you pick? An inventor whose product you just can’t practise without? A pioneering practitioner or daring visionary who was ahead of their time? A groundbreaking figure that revolutionised working practices, conditions or regulations? Or even someone whose contribution to the profession or industry you feel has not been given enough credit over the years?

This is a sideline to our annual top 50 poll, and is separate to the main event.

The name of the person who receives the most votes will be revealed in the same issue as our top 50 list.

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