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W&HW&H offers an exciting portfolio of innovative surgical products to enhance your working environment, including: the Piezomed, an ultrasonic surgical device for use by implantologists, oral, orthodontic and maxillofacial surgeons in the management of hard and soft tissues, offering minimal intervention with maximum power. The Piezomed can perform micrometric and selective cuts with maximum surgical precision and can be used for procedures such as harvesting bone blocks, extractions, root-tip resections and more. The innovative ultrasonic technology offered by the Piezomed transforms how surgeon’s plan treatment as it exclusively removes bone substance with high precision, whilst leaving the surrounding soft tissue unaffected. The Piezomed offers customised power adjustment, extremely high cutting performance, optimum illumination, more efficient cooling and has a thermo washer disinfectable and sterilisable handpiece with LED socket and cable. The Piezomed is extremely fast, precise and gentle with a full range of tips for all surgical indications.


The high quality highly respected Implantmed, a leader in the world of surgical motors, offers an exceptional tool for oral surgery procedures in the fields of implantology, microsurgery and small-bone surgery, allowing you to perform implant procedures with maximum precision. The unit is easy to operate and guarantees longer working without fatigue, thanks to the lightweight, yet powerful motor, and the ergonomically-shaped contra-angle handpiece. The Implantmed surgical unit is a high-quality, safe power unit, which incorporates a sterilisable brushless motor and is suitable for use in operating theatres.

The integrated automatic thread cutter function makes it easier to insert implants into hard bone, reducing the stress as it allows for thread tapping, which minimises compression of the bone. This function also promotes stress-free healing.

The Implantmed is easy to use and its motor torque offers impressive power. The automatic torque control can be set between five and 70 Ncm, ensuring instrument safety. It has a range of performance that covers all major applications in implantology and maxillo-facial surgery using straight and contra-angle handpieces and surgical saws. All of its important functions can be set on the display, which is clearly legible, and it can subsequently be operated conveniently using the foot control. It utilises an extremely high torque motor, and is designed for use with a range of handpieces, giving a speed range of 15 – 40,000 rpm. The unit features five programs, four for stages of the implantology procedure, the fifth being an endodontics function for root canal preparation.

In line with current decontamination guidelines, the motor and cable are thermo washer disinfectable and sterilisable.

LED technology

W&H was at the forefront of LED technology for surgical handpieces incorporating an internal generator, which offers daylight quality light, enabling you to upgrade from non-optic to optic surgical handpieces with ease.

W&H’s patented hexagon chucking system ensures safe use even at high torques, increasing the area of power transfer and eliminating deformation of the bur shank and jammed chucking systems, giving you an uninterrupted treatment process.

The top quality range of exciting products within the W&H surgical handpiece portfolio, can be dismantled for cleaning purposes. All of the surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces, including the S-11 L G straight handpiece and the W-75 LG contra-angle handpiece are ideally suited for use with the Implantmed surgical unit. The WS-91 and 91 LG contra-angle handpiece is a revelation, with the first 45o head, which unites the advantages of a straight and contra-angle handpiece with mini LED for perfect illumination and a ratio of 1:2.7 for optimal speed. Its three-fold spray guarantees sufficient cooling of the tooth and bone. The WS-91 offers excellent view of the treatment area, improved access and optimised head geometry.

Why W&H?

So why choose W&H surgical products? W&H offers constant torque and maximal efficiency thanks to the precise interplay between devices and instruments. It is the efficiency that determines how much power actually reaches the bone. With W&H you won’t loose power due to friction during the transfer of power from the motor to the bur shank.

W&H’s range of surgical LED straight and contra-angle handpieces, along with the W&H Implantmed and Piezomed, should be the first choice for professional dental implantologists and surgeons.

For further information or a demonstration of the full W&H surgical range contact W&H (UK) on +44 (0)1727 874 990, visit or email [email protected]

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