The value of a long lasting brand design

design4dentistsDesign4dentists highlights the importance of a strong memorable brand for your business.

If you think only big corporates need to think about brand names and logos, think again. Your brand says a lot about you and your business, and that’s as true for a one-person operation as it is for a multinational conglomerate. Investing wisely in your dental practice brand will provide a good return in the long term and national surveys by the Design Council have proved that by investing in design, businesses have benefitted financially.

First visual impression

A brand is not only a business’s identity; it creates an expectation and a promise to deliver a certain experience. So if no one knows who you are and is looking for your service or product, then the appeal must start from the very first visual impression that may be an advertisement, your website, your signage or even simply a letter.

The right foundations

Creating a strong and memorable brand for your business will help set it apart from your competitors and lay the right foundations for the future marketing and growth of your business. It can also make it easier to sell or franchise your practice. Whether you have an existing dental practice and want to update it and reinvent your brand, or you have just acquired a squat and can start from new, it is important to select the right design and marketing company from the outset.


Design4dentists has been well established in the dental world for 15 years and has helped to successfully brand and market more than 150 dental practices nationally and internationally. Design4dentists listens to you carefully, clarifies what you would like to achieve and your ideal patient profile. In doing so, it can create a brand that will attract the right patients to your practice, while its complete one-stop-shop solution will save you time and money. Its award-winning creative ideas and designs are also noted for its longevity. View the brands at, some of which have been established for many years and still look fresh today.

If you think branding and marketing is expensive, think of it in the long term. For logos and signage which typically last 10 years or more, the cost per year starts to look like great value. Then take into account the number of new patients (probably in the high hundreds at a conservative estimate) that your new professional identity has directly attracted and it becomes a real bargain.

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