Denteez – more than social networking

DenteezDenteez provides users with the chance to expand their global network.

Denteez is a free global social networking platform combined with a host of service providers for dental professionals. These services range from accountants to uniform and workware.

And Denteez is even more than this; there are courses, events, classifieds, jobs, news and product information, ranging from the latest technologies to the vast amount of implant systems.

Making life easy

Denteez had been in development for more than a year. It was created by dentists, with the dream to make the life of everyone involved in dentistry a lot easier. The idea behind Denteez is to bring simplicity and ease to the world of dentistry and to bring everything under one roof. Denteez has been designed in a way so that the website is clean, pleasing to the eye and very easy to use.

Denteez is for everybody involved in dentistry, from dentists, dental nurses, specialists, dental technicians, dental hygienists to manufacturers of dental equipment. The website is tailored for these different groups of users to deliver a more personalised experience.

Denteez wants people to connect, so each user can expand their global network with the hopes of discussing and showcasing their work worldwide. Users are encouraged to fill in their online profile, as this is in effect their professional CV and allows users to display their professional and academic careers. Users also have the ability to create photo and video portfolios of all their professional work. They can then choose to exhibit their work with colleagues or use it to explain to patients their techniques and work.

Better products for dentistry

DenteezIn the dental industry there is such a vast number of products and new technologies, Denteez aims to bring them all together where users can discuss and share insights. The constructive feedback directly to the manufacturers may then help them produce better products for the industry.

Another stand-out feature is that Denteez has brought all the services needed to run a busy practice together, so it is easier for practice owners to find what they need fast, and take the stress out of their hectic schedules. There is everything including Care Quality Commission compliance services, finance, marketing, recruitment, and surgery design. Practice owners also have the ability to promote their practice to the public on the site’s ‘Trusted Dentists’ page.

Denteez is here to support your career and your business, our website is safe and secure, innovative and most importantly always has its users interests at heart. Denteez – making dentistry easier.

The Denteez team consists of Dr Essi Ganjeh and Dr Nick Ghateh who have a combined total of 46 years’ experience in dentistry, Mr Cyrus Caviani who has 20 years’ experience in IT and Mr Alex Khosrowpour who has 15 years’ experience in finance/corporate strategy. Denteez is based in central London, with the office in Old Marylebone Road. Email: [email protected]

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