The benefits of personalised waiting room TV

waiting room TVYour practice relies on modern computer systems, your treatments are increasingly high-tech and you possibly even text customers to remind them of appointments. Marketing to dental patients is also moving with the times. A new digital service is effortlessly accelerating the uptake of private treatments by 50% or more. Sarah Blyth explains.

A survey of dental practices reveals that most have acknowledged the modern penchant for screen-based entertainment. With our seemingly endless appetite for taking our tablets, Kindles, smart phones and other devices everywhere with us, many dentists have, at least, provided a waiting room TV for patients to watch as they wait for their appointment.

However, broadcasting ordinary daytime TV is merely obstructing your way to a service that will not only improve your patients’ experience, but will also, on average, boost your practice income without anyone having to say a word.

What’s it all about?

It’s so simple; the Smilevision set top box will transform screens into your very own bespoke waiting room TV channel. But the real secret of its success lies in what is played out.

The content comprises of an expert mix of automatically updated, high-quality programmes that run at times you choose (typically when your practice is open). The make-up of the content mix has been extensively researched over six years to reach the optimum in capturing and holding patients’ attention, whilst delivering key messages. Fully personalised to your practice, you choose the relevant content and promotions as often as you like with just the touch of a button. The final two thirds of the channel are automatically updated ensuring your patients will always see something new every time they visit.

Although the automatically updated product promotions tend to have a strong educational value, some dentists also opt to select additional educational materials to increase awareness of oral health, helping them fulfil their Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements.

Ultimately, for a low monthly subscription, Smilevision is a personalised channel that attracts and holds patients attention, promotes knowledge and credibility and, most importantly, encourages patient action.

Measurable effects

Independent research over six years has involved thousands of patient visits to hundreds of practices and in every location and demographic. The results are remarkably consistent.

On average, 90% of patients choose to watch the screens (it is important to note here that, by comparison, less than 8% engage with leaflets or posters). They enjoy the experience, feel more informed and about half indicate an intended change in behaviour. The professional and constantly updated channel alleviates patients’ nervousness and prevents boredom or frustration while waiting.

The effects on over-the-counter sales are dramatically increased, typically by 40-50%, during periods of promotion, but in some cases sales have more than doubled: for example, sales of electronic toothbrushes grew by 107.3% during a three-month campaign across 250 practices, compared with the previous three months when there was no on-screen promotions.

Increases in the uptake of cosmetic treatments are equally impressive. For example, in one trial across 150 practices for 12 months, purchases of teeth whitening treatments increased by 43%.

For a monthly subscription you will receive a customisable waiting room TV channel that is managed and updated remotely by a team of experts. You can change your programs and personalise it with promotions at any time, allowing you to test and compare the effects on patient engagement. This is the most satisfying part – because this new marketing tool needs very little action from you but it is most certainly acted upon by your patients.

For more information and research statistics visit or call 0207 993 3888.

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