GDC reminds registrants about counterfeit dental equipment

shutterstock_184929191The General Dental Council (GDC) is reminding all its registrants of the need to ensure they follow the appropriate procedures when purchasing dental equipment.

The recent campaign by the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) highlighted the growing trade in counterfeit dental equipment, with a huge seizure of 12,000 different pieces of counterfeit dental equipment in the UK imported from overseas in the last six months.

Its campaign is a timely reminder to all GDC registrants that counterfeiting is illegal, and can have serious health and safety consequences due to poor quality workmanship and standards.

Registrants should be mindful that counterfeit equipment can look like a genuine product and even carry ‘CE approval’ markings, but can be potentially dangerous to patients and dental staff using them and they should carry out appropriate checks to ensure the products they are purchasing or commissioning are legitimate.

The GDC’s Standards for the Dental Team (standard 1.5.1) says: ‘You must find out about laws and regulations that apply to your clinical practice, your premises and your obligations as an employer and you must follow them at all times.’

For more information about compliance with MHRA’s Medical device alert: counterfeit or non-CE marked dental medical devices (MDA/2014/004) issued earlier this year, go to the MHRA website.

Suspicious dental or counterfeit dental equipment can also be reported via the MHRA or the BDIA websites.

Registrants with any questions or concerns about counterfeit dental equipment should contact the MHRA.

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