One-to-one training

Teaching-one-2-oneLuke Barnett discusses the benefits of one-to-one training.

How do most people learn new skills in the most effective manner? When you have learned a new technique or process, what works best for you? I suppose that everyone is different but there must be some common elements as to what makes education more effective.

What I have always found for myself is that a combination of watching someone with expertise carry out the technique and then an opportunity to carry it out for myself, with some guidance from the expert, is best. And, if that can be in a one to one format, then so much the better. Speaking to many dentists, this seems to be the preferred format for them too.

Improving results

This is why as part of my commitment to further dental education for all, at the Luke Barnett Centre we are now offering one-to-one training courses for dentists who would like to improve results with their smile design cases. At the lab we do see a lot of these types of cases and have become particularly adept with both good management and delivering the desired aesthetic results. However, I do appreciate that many practices seldom see these kinds of cases and because of this can struggle to build up the right skill set to bring about the desired results. Perhaps you may have had a less than ideal result and this has put you off tackling these types of cases again?

There are very few ‘live’ smile design courses out there and this made me think that with our new clinic we would be able to help from both a dental and a technical point of view. Working with myself and leading UK clinicians at our new facility, dentists will be able to have two experts in smile design on hand, learn tips and the latest thinking and, most importantly, become more comfortable with this kind of case. Our new clinic has been designed as a peripatetic facility for visiting clinicians, so is absolutely perfect for a one-to-one course like this.

For more information please email Luke at [email protected]

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