GDC gives advice for dental professionals on CPD quality

shutterstock_189496868The General Dental Council (GDC) is reminding dental professionals to be proactive in assuring themselves that the verifiable continuing professional development (CPD) they undertake has adequate quality controls in place.

This follows the GDC’s recent publication of an advice sheet on quality controls for verifiable CPD.

The advice sheet provides guidance for dental professionals and also to those who design, deliver and commission CPD in dentistry, about approaches to quality control.

It provides suggestions about quality control measures for verifiable CPD activities and emphasises they should be present at all stages of provision – before, during and after.

The advice sheet can be downloaded from the GDC website.

The advice sheet is a fuller version of the existing advice available within the frequently asked questions on the GDC website.

It is advisory only and does not change the current CPD requirements for dental professionals.

The GDC continues to remind those who provide CPD for dental professionals that they should ensure they robustly quality assure their CPD products and services and that ‘quality control’ is a legal requirement of verifiable CPD.

The GDC also continues to call upon the CPD industry in dentistry to be proactive in working together to develop industry-led quality standards.

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