A new whitening gel for sensitive teeth

Pic-2-NovonTube2Tony Beale looks at a new formula of whitening gel that can even be used on sensitive teeth.

Whenever new dental products hit the market, there is always a certain amount of scepticism from dental professionals as to whether or not the products will live up to the claims made for them. Will they perform properly, or to quote that well known strap line: ‘Does exactly what it says on the tin’? This is particularly true of products that patients will perceive as offering them something they can see for themselves, such as the results of whitening procedures. Patients’ expectations can be high, and they can be disappointed if for some reason the treatment they receive does not live up to expectations, or if there are other reasons why they cannot undertake treatment procedures.

White Dental Beauty from Optident now offers an extensive range of bleaching and whitening materials that can satisfy virtually all the patients and practitioners’ needs.

The company has long been recognised as a pioneer and innovator of dental whitening products, and its latest offering succeeds in addressing the problems commonly associated with sensitive teeth when whitening treatments are undertaken

So what is Novon?

This is an exclusive patented technology (US patent No. 8815217B2), and takes the form of an active ingredient in the gel that remains stable at neutral pH in the syringe, yet upon dilution a rapid pH increase occurs. This pH increase, from neutral to alkaline produces an enhanced release of perhydroxyl ions, resulting in a more effective bleaching action.

The Novon formula permits the White Dental Beauty gel to deliver an unsurpassed accelerated bleaching action that is safe, effective and kind to the teeth. This action is so significant that when compared with a competitive 10% CP (carbamide peroxide) gel, over the same application period as a 5%CP gel containing Novon, the results showed a similar whitening effect, with less sensitivity.*


A sensitive problem

Sensitivity of the teeth can be very off-putting for those who wish to have better looking, whiter teeth, but who may experience discomfort through the whitening procedure. Practitioners may then have to prescribe some form of anti-sensitive treatments or reduce the strengths of peroxide gel application to a minimum, thus prolonging the overall treatment time necessary to achieve an acceptable result.

Whiten with confidence

Up until now, people with sensitive teeth have struggled to whiten their teeth or have had to avoid whitening all together. White Dental Beauty Mild is a gentle and safe tooth whitening gel that has been formulated to help reduce sensitivity when whitening your teeth. The 5%CP formula of White Dental Beauty Mild, which incorporates Novon, enables the same bleaching results as a standard 10% CP gel but with less overall sensitivity.

White Dental Beauty’s new Novon enhanced formula whitening gel Mild 5%CP, has been specifically formulated to suit those patients who have sensitive teeth. With less peroxide the same results can be achieved meaning the teeth are less exposed to the sensitivity issues higher concentrations can cause.

It was also found that when Novon was included in the White Dental Beauty 6%HP (hydrogen peroxide) gel, the accelerated bleaching action also aided the treatment ensuring the best possible whitening results in its class.

Other treatment options

In striving to provide a comprehensive range of whitening and bleaching products Optident’s White Dental Beauty range can now offer dental practitioners a complete choice of treatment options that are safe reliable and effective, with consistency of performance.

The product portfolio includes a 6%HP gel, (currently the highest HP available), and with an application time of as little as 30 minutes per day. Carbamide Peroxide gels of 10% and an application time of two-four hours, or overnight, and a 16%CP gel with an application time of approximately 60 minutes.

Optident’s long term experience and expertise in the development of products and in the design and presentation of Eco friendly packaging, coupled with close personalised marketing support, can also help build practice profitability. This can be achieved through bespoke packaging of whitening products, such as patient kits, which can be tailored to suit individual needs with the application of practice branding such as practice logos.

Increased patient awareness levels can also be catered for by the production of waiting room literature, and by promotional signage that can be used inside and outside the dental practice, and these can be customised to suit individual practice requirements.

So to summarise, Optident’s White Dental Beauty products programme can provide the practitioner with a comprehensive range of safe and highly effective whitening products, together with professional back up and support for dental practice marketing initiatives.

Details of all the products mentioned in this article are available on request from Optident Ltd, International Development Centre, Valley drive, Ilkley, LS29 8AL.

Tel: 01943 605050

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.optident.co.uk.

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