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boatmenPractice Plan introduces Joy Marsden, who will be explaining how your team can pull together and survive and thrive in the dental world at this year’s workshop tour.

Challenges and change are now part of daily life. They affect everyone at some point but it’s how you deal with them that’s the real deal-breaker.

Dental practices and their teams are no different, but how confident are you that everyone in your practice has the ability and resources needed to deal with challenges that come their way? Would your team be able to survive and thrive in the face of change and pressure?

Survive and thrive

Meet Joy Marsden, international keynote speaker, motivational trainer and coach, who asks that very question to every team that she meets. This autumn, Joy is teaming up with Practice Plan and Business of Dentistry events to deliver this year’s workshop tour entitled Survive and Thrive, and will be sharing her vast knowledge and experience of how to get the best from your team. Joy works with key brands, including the BBC and Pepsico, across many different industries, focusing on personal and team motivation and has had some astonishing results. Now she’s bringing her extensive experience to the dental industry to help dental teams be the very best that they can be. And it’s fair to say that when it comes to getting the most from a team, she really does know her stuff.

We took the time to glean some tips from Joy to find out how you can ‘survive and thrive’ in a changing dental world and build a winning dental team of your own.

According to Joy, it is all about getting people to be their best, to do their best and get the best out of other people. The end goal being that it will help them to be successful and, most importantly, be happy at the same time. Afterall, who doesn’t want a happy employee who loves their job? We all have pressure in our lives and, as Joy says, sometimes we just need to remember how to put it in perspective and deal with things in the most positive way we can.

Another perspective

Learning to see things from different perspectives is key and for dental teams in particular this technique is an important one. Not only can it be applied to both the internal team and how they interact with each other, but also from a patient’s viewpoint. Put yourself in the shoes of the patient. How do they feel when they enter the practice? How do they feel when their treatment is being discussed with them? By understanding others’ viewpoints, you can tailor people’s experiences and communicate with them accordingly.

When dealing with people, patients or colleagues, Joy suggests that learning to face issues head-on is always the best way. Many of us procrastinate and put things off, afterall it’s human nature, but we all have the ability to choose how to react to things and influence how a situation unfolds. In other words, free yourself from worry, take positive action and spend the time trying to solve the problem rather than worrying about what will or could happen.

Joy will be using a whole host of personal and professional anecdotes to explain how every member of your team can increase their personal effectiveness and impact and contribute to your winning team.

If your appetite has been whetted and you’re ready to learn more about how your team can deliver their absolute best and see beyond their limitations, then this one-day masterclass is not to be missed.

The workshop tour that runs throughout October and December, takes place on various dates and locations across the country and promises to be the most engaging, inspiring and humorous set of events of the year.

To secure your place or for further information, including the full list of dates and venues, please visit www.practiceplan.co.uk/events or call the events team on 01691 684135.

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