The forward thinking young dentist

ПечатьMani Bhardwaj discusses what steps you can take to climb the career ladder.

With so many new technological breakthroughs appearing in today’s dentistry, we as the future of the nation’s dentists need to be ready, locked and loaded.

Having many routes to take in our careers such as academia, primary care and specialist care to name but a few, we need to be able to choose the correct paths that will enable us to have the successful future that we all aim to achieve.

The so called ‘A’ game will not happen by just sitting back and allowing your careers to take the path its already going on, be wise and vigilant in the economics of dentistry and the trends that are occurring within our patient cantered world. Look to your more experienced peers and research the courses and conferences that are going to give you the right knowledge and push for your career.

Knowledge is essential but experience is key. As young dentists emerge with less experience the future may seem dim, however a bright light in the correct path is all that is needed and your drive and determination should boost you the way to succeed.


Movers and shakers

Push all boundaries and take the steps to invest in yourself now for future rewards can be easily met with the right frame of mind. Do not let your age or lack of knowledge deter you from success as we all started in the same position that you are taking now, and it’s those who chose to break all boundaries and barriers that are now the movers and shakers in dentistry.

Look at all opportunities and explore areas that you may even fail to see. Social media, educational seminars, dental study groups and academies all provide career growth opportunities. And speakers who are have successfully taken forward thinking steps may be more valuable than you think.

Networking is priceless, so make the most of the fact that you belong to one of the elite professions in the world; make communication and build bridges to meet these people.

Drive is the word to remember, as being stagnant will only delay you on the ladder to a successful career.

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