Young dentists help dental students in Zimbabwe

zimA group of young dentists from the UK has launched an organisation to help dental students in Zimbabwe.
The team from the organisation, Make a Dentist (MAD), has called upon other dental professionals and companies to donate unwanted educational or clinical material. The charity will raise funds in order to send the materials across to those less fortunate in Zimbabwe.
Make a Dentist said: ‘We know that dentistry related organisations and companies in the UK regularly discard useful goods that can be very valuable for dental students in Zimbabwe that are reading dentistry with the bare minimum and we are simply asking you to send us these goods instead of discarding them.’
Make A Dentist is a British national organisation that was initially set up in 2009 under the name of BLUZ by dentistry students of the University of London (Barts and The London).

The campaign was overseen by the dental president and dean of dentistry every year. Dental education and clinical goods were collected and sent to dental students in Zimbabwe, which has had a great impact on their education.
More information is available here.

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