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Henry Schein (HS) has been committed to supporting its customers for more than 80 years. It is a well-known dental supplier with a global presence in the market. However, the company doesn’t just believe in solely looking after its customers and team members, it also believes in playing its part and helping underprivileged communities in the UK and the rest of the world.

It is a team effort, as Simon Gambold, managing director at Henry Schein UK, explained: ‘Our team members want to work with a company that looks out for the community and, along with our partners, we provide materials and products for programmes that help improve oral health.’

With 17,000 team members making a difference world wide, it is no surprise that HS is able to bring its partners together to make a difference too. ‘Our team members play a pivotal role in achieving magnificent results and we have a higher ambition to help bring our care programmes to communities around the world,’ said Simon.

The UK has also had the privilege of experiencing the Henry Schein Cares programme. So far the Helping Kids Smile programme has helped educate children in primary schools on oral health. ‘There have also been tooth brushing programmes and the assessment of children’s oral health. The dental teams we have partnered with have also provided treatment where it’s clinically appropriate, as well as topical fluoride applications,’ said Simon.

Joining forces

Although the UK fairs better than some countries concerning oral health, there are still pockets that need attention from the Henry Schein Cares programme. Simon and his team recognise the issues in some parts of the UK where children are going into A&E for tooth extractions. This pattern has enabled the team to pin point where help is needed most. 

‘We talk to our customers in such areas and ask if there is a dental practice owner who wants to help in their community, and of course a lot of them do but they don’t necessarily know how they can go about doing it,’ said Simon. This is where HS becomes the link between the community and the clinician.

Some community-based services have undoubtedly suffered as a result of the spending restraints enforced after the recession. Public/private partnerships are working to help fill some of these voids and Henry Schein is pleased to have been some help in assisting dentists who want to make a difference in their local communities. 

Broader issues

Getting involved with oral health issues is only the tip of the iceberg for HS. ‘We have a programme at Bromptom Academy, our local school in Kent, where we are working with the Outward Bound Trust to take groups of teenagers from underprivileged backgrounds and help them understand the importance of getting into the workplace. Some don’t have role models, so we want to help in highlighting the importance of taking your exams and getting a job. Importantly, the warehouse and operations team in Gillingham are recruiting these young people,’ Simon enthused.

The right products

Caring for the community extends beyond the charitable programmes HS is involved with. Henry Schein is committed to providing health care practitioners with the widest selection of quality products and services needed for the delivery of high quality patient care. 

Dentists can rely on Henry Schein for a choice of nearly 30,000 products available in stock, as well as another 50,000 products available by special order. The company partners with more than 2,000 maufacturers and has a state-of-the-art distribution system that guarantees 99% of its customer orders will be shipped on the same day the orders are received. ‘Henry Schein is committed to being a reliable supplier for all of the products a practitioner needs to operate a successful practice and provide quality patient care,’ said Simon. 

Down to business

Being part of the Henry Schein family gives practice owners the opportunity to focus on the clinical side rather than just the business. The lack of business training that dental students receive while studying is often a bit of a sore point, but HS can take this worry off one’s shoulders. Simon expanded on what HS can offer: ‘If you are a newly qualified dentist or are opening a new practice, you can come to us with the shell of a surgery and come back in three months and you can start practising. The equipment, software, uniforms, materials, even the marketing programmes to get you new customers are all in place.

‘We’ve got a programme called Thrive, so you can sign up for this and it runs for a year. We build up a treatment plan for the practice and we sit down with the principal and find out what the objectives are then we build a plan for the practice and roll that out over the year. It’s a really important aspect of our service that our local consultants provide.’ 

The support network on offer from HS sums up the company’s ability to cover every single base that a practice needs help with. Ultimately, it is about having ‘an efficient practice that delivers better patient care,’ claimed Simon.

Assisting those who need it most is a responsibility that HS has taken to heart. Henry Schein has made sure and will continue to strive for better care for all.

For more information visit www.henryschein.co.uk.

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