All change, then change again!

Practice manager Donna Brown tells how, in the space of only 12 months, Cwmdulais Dental Centre has moved seamlessly from paper-based to paperless with Exact.

‘When I first joined the practice it was almost entirely paper-based, and although at the time the team was working with recently upgraded computerised practice management software, it was not being properly utilised and the team’s training was insufficient. I realised we needed to create a highly efficient system. At my previous practice I worked with Exact; I felt this system could work here as well.’

Making the move

‘I realised this was quite a radical move, but I felt that in the long-run the upheaval would be worthwhile. I discussed the situation and my concerns regarding the existing system with our principal, Lesley Hicks, suggesting to her that we talked with Software of Excellence (SOE) to help us see if there were shortfalls in our existing system and what Exact could do to improve the running of the practice. Her initial response was unsurprisingly negative, questioning why, having already invested in software and upgrades, we should change systems again? Despite this she agreed to a meeting and following a demonstration of Exact’s features she was impressed enough to agree to a second changeover, this time to Exact.

‘The conversion went smoothly from the start. There were a few teething problems, as you would expect, but generally everything went really well and the staff became familiar with the system relatively quickly. Exact is very easy to work with, it’s much more streamlined than its competitors and we are able to access information quickly and efficiently. I have also noticed some great improvements to Exact since I last used it and the latest V11 has some notable benefits – I’m really impressed with it.’

Making life easy

‘One of the best things for me about Software of Excellence is its support team. I find their attitude and willingness to help amazing. They always sound happy, engaged and interested in what you have to say and nothing is too much trouble. This positivity has made the changeover much easier for everyone in the practice.

‘One of the most impressive features in V11 is the Workflow Manager. This new module aids the flow of information from surgery to front desk, prompting the dentist to input notes along with a recommended recall interval. This enables the reception staff to make appointments with all the relevant information at their fingertips. In addition, Workflow Manager automatically prompts our receptionists to take payments if necessary and collect any important missing patient data such as mobile numbers. Workflow Manager has also helped smooth the transfer of information, ensuring that patients have a calm and efficient front desk experience.

‘Exact has really helped our practice to run more efficiently and it has made life far easier for the staff. Our failing to attend rates have greatly improved now that we are able to send out text message appointment reminders to patients and the automated recalls are working really well and run themselves. Exact has also helped to greatly improve our cash flow; we have almost no money outstanding as any debts are now closely monitored on the system. Our principal is delighted we made the change and appreciates how easy the system is to work with. We are now seeing improvements in every key area of the practice, which is largely down to the way Exact has helped us to implement a systems approach, something I believe no other current practice management system can achieve.’

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