Pupils in Teeside become Tooth Troopers

Queensway Dental Clinic in Billingham recently launched its 'Tooth Troopers' campaign to schools across Teesside in response to the ongoing oral health problem.

St John The Evangelist RC Primary School, Pentland Primary School in Billingham and Red House Nursery and Infants School in Norton were delighted to take up the offer.

Coral Milner, communications manager at Queensway Dental Clinic was joined by Jennie, Natalie, Sarah and Jade from the oral health education team, to talk with over 400 pupils about how tooth decay can affect them.

With the help and support of 'Toby and Tilly', the young Tooth Troopers also learned about the importance of good oral health care and the long-term benefits of taking care of their teeth and gums at an early age.

Mrs Julia Rea, headteacher at St Johns RC Primary School, said: 'A very informative presentation, which really made the children think about how to keep their teeth and gums healthy and how important this is.

'The presentation fitted in perfectly during our "Fit for Life" theme week – during this week the children learnt about how important diet and exercise are, good dental health was another important aspect we wanted to cover.'

Louisha Moyo, Tegan Lancaster and Hannah Mulloy aged 10, from St John The Evangelist RC Primary School said: 'We were shocked at the amount of sugar there was in drinks, especially that Lucozade contained more than coke.

'We learnt that we have to cut down on the amount of sugar in our diets or it can ruin our lifestyles.

'The most surprising thing we found out was how long we should brush our teeth for; two minutes, we don’t think we were brushing our teeth properly before.'

Following the presentation, pupils were given workbooks with activities such as designing posters, a themed wordsearch and a quiz to find out the number of teeth in a mouth, which helps develop creative design, problem solving and mathematics skills.

They also received goody bags with a selection of items including certificates, stickers and activity sheets.

The youngsters have been given a chance to win a £200 voucher for their school by designing colourful and creative posters that get the good oral health message across.

In addition, the pupils will be also be able to visit the clinic to see the dental team in action, supported by Toby and Tilly the Tooth Troopers.

Three additional schools are now planning to take part, including St Joseph’s Primary School in Billingham. 

For more information please visit www.queensway.co.uk.

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