Celebrating 25 years of excellence

It’s not often that an organisation gets to celebrate its quarter of a century milestone, but that’s exactly what one of the country’s most reputable dental academies is preparing to do throughout this month.

Tipton Training, which is situated within the heart of Manchester, has been providing dental professionals from across the UK with the very best educational training for 25 years this month.

The academy was founded in 1990 by Professor Paul Tipton, who is widely regarded as one of the most influential dental practitioners in the UK.

Speaking of the 25-year milestone, Professor Paul Tipton said: 'It’s a big moment for everyone at Tipton Training.

'Reflecting on 25 years and the number of dental professionals we’ve helped refine their skills is something that makes me exceptionally proud.

'I have to give my sincere thanks to all of my associates and staff for their long-term commitment to excellence, along with all the dental professionals who’ve opted to take our courses over the years.'

Professor Tipton is celebrating his 36th year of private practice, 25th year of referral practice, 15th year of specialist practice and 28 years involved in dental implanology, making him one of the most experienced private prosthodontists in the country.

It’s this experience and knowledge that has shaped Tipton Training’s approach to dentistry education.

To date, Tipton Training has helped over 3,000 dental professionals within the fields of restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry through a variety of course formats.

These include post-graduate, corporate, one-to-one, one day and international courses.

Each course offers delegates practical training, combined with theoretical lectures and seminars, all under the direct supervision of qualified and highly skilled specialists.

Successful completion of Tipton Training’s dentistry courses can also lead to delegates being accepted into the third and final year of either the Mclindent restorative and cosmetic degree, or the Mclindent dental implantology degree, at the City of London Dental School.

Professor Tipton went on to explain that the academy’s purpose is to increase the levels of confidence and self-belief in its delegates, so that they have the skillsets required to excel in a forward-thinking profession: 'The truth is that dentistry is an extremely fast moving field.

'As technological advances are made and new ways of thinking are introduced, it’s paramount that dental professionals keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and make themselves aware of important progress within their field.

'This means our courses are constantly evolving too.

'We strive to incorporate advancing knowledge and changing dentistry practices within the syllabuses we teach.

'A great example of this is our restorative course, which is now in its 25th year.

'This area of dentistry has dramatically changed over that last two decades and our course content year-on-year reflects that.'

In addition to providing delegates with new dentistry skills and knowledge, Tipton Training can also share expert advice with dentists on how to structure their practices to attract new patients and make consistent profits.

The academy has also introduced a programme of web-based learning for dental professionals looking for a more flexible way of getting the knowledge they need to succeed.

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