Using an online booking system

Despite having an online booking system on our existing practice website, we wanted to upscale and enlist some professional support. We therefore decided to join up with an external booking service provider, in order to expand our patient base and profit from what it offers.

We decided to work with Zesty as it promises reliability and offers an easy-to-use system alongside excellent training and support.

The online booking service

When investing in an online service provided by an external source, reliability is of paramount importance. We wanted to make sure that the online booking service was dependable, and could guarantee ease of use. In the end it did just that, to an excellent standard.

The online booking system is uncomplicated and convenient. We have been able to create an effective online personality for the practice through its website, and announce any free appointment slots. We can also advertise treatments and treatment prices on our webpage alongside any reviews patients have written about the practice and our clinical staff. The booking service’s account management is exceptional and the team provides comprehensive support if any problems occur.

The online system informs our head office directly about availability of appointments and then head office informs me. The majority of patient bookings we have received have been on a Monday, and as such the online diary that we were provided with has proven to be most useful in organising any last minute patients, and then fitting them in around existing appointments. 

With the majority of patients coming in for a general check-up, we have had no ‘failed to attends’ or short notice cancellations from the patients who booked through the website. This is encouraging, and although we have only been using the service since June 2013, it has been dependable and straightforward to use. 

The training

Head office sent a trial version of the system over to our practice, to ensure that we were all up to speed and fully capable of using the system. The training provided was comprehensive, simple to understand, and incorporated everything we needed to know about how to use the website and service.

The conclusion

This online booking service has proven to be an efficient tool in helping us expand our patient base. The system is extremely easy to use and patients who book through it can be depended on to turn up – we have had no fake bookings. This is due to the fact that prospective patients must verify their bookings by text message.

The training we received to use it was excellent, and the trial version head office sent over to us is an excellent way of getting acquainted with the system.

All in all, Zesty has been a success for our practice. With no ‘failed to attend’ patients or short notice cancellations, Zesty has lived up to its reputation and promise of being a service that a practice can depend upon.

Simply email: [email protected] or visit or call 0203 287 5416 for more details of the free trial.

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