Broaden your horizons… the benefits could be huge!

Choosing the right plan provider for many practice owners can seem like a daunting task. Worse still is thinking you’ve found the perfect provider only to feel let down by the lack of support to help make your practice thrive and succeed; promises made, but most under-delivered. This, no doubt, can leave you feeling pretty disillusioned, especially if your plan provider continually increases your fees year on year.

Switching your plan provider is a little like changing your bank. Many people think about it, but believe it’s too much hassle. But it’s much easier than you think and the benefits and cost savings for many are huge.

Life with Practice Plan

Karen Rushton from Camborne Dental Practice in Cornwall talks about the challenges her practice faced and the decision they made to switch plan providers.

‘It was through a recommendation that we came across Practice Plan. We attended a practice manager’s seminar and within the programme, Practice Plan presented. There was a lady on our table working in a practice that promoted its plans and she was a fan, so we began to consider our options.

‘Our plan provider at the time had left us feeling very disappointed due to its lack of support and general dynamics, so it prompted us to look at other dental plan providers, one of which was Practice Plan. We were very impressed by what Practice Plan could do for us, especially the introduction to a network of business specialists and the marketing support to help us develop our team, grow our business and brand.

‘I have come to learn about the importance of promoting our practice and brand, and what’s great is that Practice Plan provides a wide range of services that enable us to do just that, such as its marketing support, workshops and consultancy days. The support is second to none. The encouragement and advice we have received from our regional support manager has been fantastic and the training has been invaluable. We’ve been given the confidence and reassurance to believe we are operating a successful practice. 

‘The plan options are now so attractive to our patients that we saw an immediate growth in our membership and an increase in regular income. The plan is a true practice builder and an attractive product that gives our team the confidence to promote the plans.

‘What makes me want to refer Practice Plan is the fact its business is so unique. The support it has provided has truly helped us to promote our practice and differentiate ourselves from the competition. It has broadened our horizons and increased the choices available to our patients.’

The right support

Getting access to the right support to walk you through switching your plan is essential. You need to trust your plan provider and have faith your support manager is looking out for your best interests.

If you’re a dentist, practice owner or manager who would like more information about Practice Plan’s dedicated support, then call Practice Plan on 01691 684120 or visit

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