A breakthrough solution to an everyday family challenge

Colgate claim its new toothpaste is setting a new standard of care in everyday cavity protection for individuals and families, and providing a new approach to address a major oral health challenge.

Despite advances in caries prevention due to the inclusion of fluoride in daily toothpastes, dental caries remains a widespread problem, with 27.9% of five-year olds (Public Health England, 2013) and 33.4% of 12-year olds (Rooney et al, 2010) in England having experience of dental decay.

Children and teenagers are at increased risk of caries.

As children grow older and gain more independence, free sugar (for example glucose) consumption in their diet and repeated snacking can increase, whilst at the same time they can become less careful about their oral health as parental supervision decreases.

Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser uses the first and only Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology to directly target acids produced from free sugar in plaque.

Supported by eight years of clinical research involving 14,000 subjects, Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection toothpaste with Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology has been clinically proven to provide greater cavity protection versus regular everyday fluoride toothpaste.

The breakdown of dietary free sugars by some plaque bacteria produces acids.

Colgate’s unique Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology is powered by arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid (Wolff et al, 2013).

The arginine is metabolised by other plaque bacteria to produce a base.

This helps to neutralise the damaging acids produced by the breakdown of dietary free sugars, helping to restore pH in the plaque biofilm to a more neutral and healthier level (Wolff et al, 2013).

Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser provides an effective everyday solution for the whole family to help fight the development of caries now and in years to come.

All variants in this new toothpaste range contain 1450 ppm fluoride, including a kids variant that benefits from a milder mint flavour to make it more acceptable to younger children.

To find out more information, please visit and register at www.colgateprofessional.co.uk.

Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser toothpastes are available in stores soon.



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