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Endodontics, do you love it or hate it?

Can you relate to the following statements:

  • I don't look forward to endodontics especially molar root canal treatment
  • I worry about what I will see on the post obturation radiograph to see how things have gone
  • Why can't I find all those root canals?
  • Why is everything changing all the time?

These are all typical statements or questions that dentists joining endodontic programmes are asking.

Simplyendo will take you on an endodontic journey where you will learn new skills that will dramatically improve the predictability of your endodontic treatments. 

The 10-day coaching programme is the starting point.

Simplyendo teaches the biology of endodontic disease, demonstrates and discusses contemporary endodontic techniques, using an evidence-based scientific approach.

The course is delivered by the Simplyendo team of dentists and clinical assistants.

Below are some testimonials from the course delegates of how they now feel about their experience at Simplyendo:

  • 'The whole programme is fantastically well organised, and is taught in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Mike Horrocks manages to enthuse the group, and maintain a level of thought provoking interest at all times. A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding programme that I can strongly recommend to anyone interested in pursuing a postgraduate course in Endodontics'
  • 'I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for producing such an excellent course. It has been my most enjoyable by far. Both yourself and Mark are fantastic tutors, full of endodontic knowledge and very approachable: an excellent combination!'

 To join the Simplyendo programme or to make further enquiries please call Louise Higham on 0845 363 0400, or visit the website:

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