Dentistry Show Amarillo video launched for charity

Some of you may remember, or may have even been involved in, last year’s video as Practice Plan recereated its own version of the Harlem Shake during the Dentistry Show.

This year, in order to raise money for Bridge2aid, Practice Plan teamed up with the Dentistry Show to re-enact the famous Peter Kay ‘Amarillo’ video.

Marketing director at Practice Plan, Les Jones, was at the helm of the commotion, encouraging a willing group of volunteers ─ including the likes of dental business consultants Sheila Scott, Ashley Latter and Kevin Rose, as well as some of dentistry’s leading brand names including Toothpick and A-Dec Dental UK, to name just a few – to put on their biggest smiles, throw some shapes, don their singing voices and explore the exhibition hall.

A couple of weeks after the show, and many hours of in the editing studio from the team at JSP Media Group, the video has finally been released and it’s fair to say it’s gone down well, going viral within just a few short hours of being made public.

Head on over to the website and take a look,

And remember, it’s all for charity, so if you’re feeling inspired why not make a donation too?

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