Celebrating healthy smiles on World Oral Health Day

This year’s theme is 'celebrating healthy smiles,' to raise awareness of the importance of establishing and maintaining a proper oral care routine.

Worldwide, 90% of the population is at risk from some form of oral disorder, ranging from caries, periodontal diseases and tooth decay to oral cancer.

World Oral Health Day will help promote awareness of these oral health issues, the importance of looking after oral hygiene to everyone old and young and how to take action and help reduce the global burden of oral disease.

Listerine brand mouthwash, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of consumer companies, has announced its support of the 2014 World Oral Health Day.

Francesco Salvo di Pietraganzili, assistant brand manager at listerine UK, said 'We are proud to support the FDI World Dental Federation in its mission, which we share, to educate the global population on the importance of taking care of their teeth and mouths.
'Maintaining a proper oral care routine only takes a few minutes each day but can have a lasting impact on your health.'
The makers of Listerine will offer tips for establishing healthy habits for a lifetime, which include taking a few minutes each day to brush, floss and rinse with a therapeutic mouthwash.
For more information on World Oral Health Day, visit: www.worldoralhealthday.org.

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