New chairman needed at the BDA

Last week I attended the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) at the British Dental Association (BDA).

I suggested in a blog last month that the main reason for this meeting was to amend the articles of association in order that the principal executive committee (PEC) could remove its chairman, Martin Fallowfield.

The meeting duly took place.

There was no debate or discussion on the resolution, which was overwhelmingly approved.

The resolution changes the rules to allow officeholders to be removed by the PEC.

No sooner had the metaphorical ink dried on the resolution, the BDA announced that Martin Fallowfield had been removed from office.

A new chair will be elected by the PEC from amongst its members, probably at its meeting in March.

I have been told by sources within the PEC that the reason this action was taken was that the committee had lost confidence in its chairman.

Although the extra-marital affair, which I revealed in a previous blog, was the catalyst for them to take action, it was not the sole reason for his removal.

Martin Fallowfield has gone because the PEC lost confidence in him to provide effective leadership, but he did not take the hint and resign.

I was also told that the reason for holding the EGM at this time was to ensure that a new chair could be in place for the BDA conference in April, when the AGM takes place.

It will be then that the PEC can explain the reasons for its action.

In a statement to Dentistry the chief executive, Peter Ward, said: ‘strong, cohesive, effective leadership is vital for the profession.’

For most of the last six months, whilst the BDA has been embroiled in this fiasco, its voice has been weakened.

A strong response is needed to address current issues effecting dentists.

Members will hope that the PEC, under a new chair, can put these problems behind them.

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