Private Dentistry Conference 2014

Focusing on ‘current concepts in private dentistry’ lectures will run from 09:30 to 17:30 with registration opening at 08:30.

The conference will take place at the award-winning venue Church House (Best UK Conference Venue 2013) in Westminster, London, with excellent transport links.

Tickets are priced at £250+VAT for dentists and £150+VAT for team members. In order to book your place please call 0800 371652.

Gold sponsors of the conference are Oral-B and DPAS.

A programme of hot topics and award-winning speakers has been listed below.

David Nelson and Luke Barnett: Implant dentistry: the good, the bad and the ugly

David and Luke’s lecture considers clinicians’ and technicians’ perspectives on the surgical and prosthetic aspects of dental implant placement and the challenges that can arise. It will raise awareness of various critical factors in aesthetic implant placement in relation to hard tissue, soft tissue and prosthetics.

The presentation will also explain how dental awards can contribute to and improve your practice profile and new patient generation.


Andre Saadoun: Achieving aesthetics in the peri-implant soft tissue

The creation of an aesthetic smile – with gingival architecture in harmony with the adjacent dentition – remains a wonderful and difficult objective in modern dentistry.

The challenge in peri-implant dentistry is managing the hard and soft tissues, understanding the way they heal, and using that to choose the most appropriate treatment. This requires precise diagnosis.

Aesthetics are an essential aspect of treatment but ensuring predictability and a successful long-term outcome takes a scientific approach.

Periodontics and implant dentistry have undergone major evolution in recent years, with less invasive surgery, more sophisticated approaches and new materials and components all adding to the options available to the clinician.

Andre will cover all of these aspects across all clinical implant procedures.


Louis Mackenzie: Diamonds are forever: a practical guide to minimum intervention dentistry

This lecture aims to provide an introduction to minimum intervention dentistry, including a discussion about failure rates and the iatrogenesis associated with more destructive techniques.

Using short clinical case examples, Louis will demonstrate the management of common dental problems with an emphasis on prevention, minimum intervention and maintenance.

By the end of the lecture, delegates will have up-to-date knowledge of the contemporary materials, equipment and techniques available for:
• The prevention of dental disease
• The early detection and diagnosis of carious lesions
• Non-operative management of early carious lesions
• The minimally invasive management of primary carious lesions
• The renovation, repair and maintenance of existing restorations.


Sharon Waxkirsh: Dental hypnosis

Sharon’s lecture will present a bite-sized explanation of the application of hypnosis in dentistry, whether for anxiety or procedures performed without anaesthetic.

Hypnosis is also affective with eliminating bruxism and helps towards long procedures such as implants and deep surgical work.

Studies show that 10% of the population have needle phobia, which is very affectively handled with hypnosis. There are numerous benefits of offering hypnosis in your practice; patients gain on the quality of experience by encountering less pain, stress or fear and staff experience less stress during treatments.

This lecture will be practically oriented, so that dental professionals can implement their learning immediately, and without interfering with their style of work.


Tracy Stuart: On track for success

Tracy will close the conference by delivering an effective training programme that is fun for even the most reluctant team player.

A successful dental practice doesn’t just happen because you have opened your doors to the public. Starting or running a business is one thing: it is quite another to make it into the success you want it to be.

If you are serious about elevating not only your business but also the people who work in it, then this lecture is for you. A team, by its definition, is any number greater than one who combine their efforts towards a shared goal. Tracy’s lecture has relevance for every player on your team.

She will help delegates manage the practice diary effectively, improve their verbal skills, pull the team together, and increase revenue without increasing overheads – and convert more of the right patients (and less of the wrong ones).



The Private Dentistry Conference will be running on the 24 October 2014 at Church House, London, and counts as seven verifiable hours of continuous professional development. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

In order to book your place please call 0800 371652.

Gold sponsors of the conference are Oral-B and DPAS.

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