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Your website should be your number one source of new patients. If it’s not, there’s something going wrong. The way your website looks and where it features on Google are two major contributors to the performance of your website.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to firstly modernise the look of your website and secondly improve its ranking on Google. Web design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO – the process by which you improve the ranking on Google) are best undertaken by professionals.

Once upon a time building a website was a hobbyist’s job and whilst it can still be tempting to muck in and build your own website, needless to say this approach often ends badly and the time and effort put in rarely pays off from a business perspective.

Design trends are constantly evolving so depending on your objectives, personal preference and budget constraints it’s usually advisable to opt for a 'timeless' design that'll look fantastic but last much longer than if you were to choose something more in vogue. Content is equally as important as how the website looks and shouldn’t be put in second place. One very important thing to bear in mind when improving your online results is how your website is displayed on mobile devices such as iPhones. We promote a technique called Responsive Design at Digital Results, whereby the website adapts beautifully across any screen size.

SEO is not an easy undertaking and is becoming increasingly more challenging as time goes on. Competition for the first 10 places on Google is fierce in virtually every sector, including dentistry, so it’s advisable to have an SEO strategy in place. Again, it’s best to speak to somebody in the know about your specific requirements but essentially SEO is a combination of two things. Firstly it’s about ensuring your website is set up in such a way that Google is able to easily find all the necessary content on your website. Secondly it’s about linking other (reputable) websites to yours through a process called link building, although be careful not to get links via unscrupulous means as this can cause your website to be blacklisted from Google’s search results.

A website is a major marketing tool and as such should be discussed in a major way. Digital Results is a web design company based in Hertfordshire that deals with several dental organisations. To talk more about your website and how it could perform better for your practice, please call 01920 444 797 or visit Digital Results.

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Web Design Hertfordshire by Digital Results.

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