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The difficulties experienced by many businesses in securing traditional forms of finance continues to be well-documented in the media. Given the gradual contraction of such facilities, it’s no surprise that many are now starting to explore other available options when it comes to supporting essential purchasing and cash flow requirements.

In recent years, Lease Direct Finance (LDF) have centred their efforts on the development of a number of facilities, specifically designed to assist businesses in bridging this funding gap. Having recently been acquired by Cabot Square LLP, LDF are delighted to now be in a position to concentrate on providing more funding into this space and continue to develop their professions focused solutions.

LDF offer their clients a one to one service with dedicated consultants who are committed to servicing their client’s financial requirements. The majority of their people have considerable tenure within the organisation and this underpins the stand out service LDF is known for.

Over the last 27 years, LDF have striven to build a solid reputation with their loyal customer base. A recent survey confirmed to them the importance of long term customer satisfaction, with just over 95% of customers endorsing an unrivalled expertise and customer service offering they received.

By employing this ‘private banking’ feel, LDF's aim is to provide funding for professions arranged by professional people. LDF have always aimed to lead the market by releasing new and innovative options to their customers. With the support of new processes and structures achieved through LDF's connection with Cabot they are pleased to be working on the delivery of an intensive same day service.

This rapid approach to finance will see a proposal taken to the pay out of funds within 24 hours; a new infrastructure that has never before been seen in this field and something that will no doubt be a very welcome development for both new and existing customers.

A wide range of products are currently available spanning both loan and lease.

Demand is undeniably increasing for short term loan facilities in particular LDF's Tax loan product, which saw volumes reach in excess of £150 million in 2012. Given the high level of repeat business experienced, it is clear to see how well received this facility is with clients. Additional facilities have also been introduced to provide non-professions clients with funding for VAT and corporation tax, a new and much anticipated offering within this space, and with lending up by 20% on 2012, LDF are pleased to be seen as a provider of choice to businesses around the UK.

With over 3000 active clients in the professions sector alone, LDF are keen to deliver new products and facilities in 2014 and beyond. With the support of a newly introduced £75 million committed block facility, they look forward to being able to assist an even greater volume of clients as they move towards the next stage of LDFs development as a business. LDF feel that their approach to business has helped them to assist clients during tough economic times and look forward to what opportunities LDF's acquisition will bring.

The January tax season is now upon us and LDF are already starting to see a great level of interest in this facility and only anticipate this to grow.  

It certainly confirms that businesses perceptions are changing, with many firms now utilising finance as an integral part of their cash flow management.  

In light of the nearing January 31st deadline, LDF would like to encourage customers considering tax loan funding as a means to cover the cost of current and future tax bills to contact them to discuss requirements.

For more information please use the following details.

Tel: 01244 527300

Email: [email protected]


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