Newcodent Mobile Dental Unit in Africa

Great News for those African who live in the rural areas where there are few hospitals not easily accessible and with shortage of medical equipment such as dental treatment.

With Newcodent Mobile Dental Units, this is all history – the dental clinic is accessing all remote areas.

There is no need for electricity supply in the area, no power cuts that one has to wait in agony due uncompleted dental work.

These units can also operate on 12 volts batteries with an inverter, or a small fuel powered generator as the unit only use 380 W when operated, so that is all the dentist need to attach the Unit to.

They are easily carried in two separate light weight cases and a dental chair is carried as back pack. 

These dental units operate just the same as the usual dental facilities in major hospitals except this is mobile and can be carried any where at any time. 

No more dental problems for those who cannot travel to the main available hospitals thanks to Newcodent Mobile Dental Units now available for Africa in both cities and deep in the rural villages to reach out to the communities.

The Newcodent concept were demonstrated to missionary David Ws Mukasa and Princess Jane Mpologoma at a Charity BBQ in Hornchurch, Essex.

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